(All information on this page is entirely fictional.  The events referred to take place in the Dark Eclipse Garou game, which is a part of The Garou Nation. None of these events actually took place, and are exclusively for furthering the in-game story for the benefit of the players)

Monday, April 2nd, 2012, front page of the Tampa Bay Times in a side column: 

Local government officials confirmed late last night that the U.S. Coast Guard was attacked as they discovered terrorists totally destroying the Waste Water Treatment Center near their station.  The FBI has not determined which organisation committed this horrendous act.  None of the usual suspect cells have put up videos of the destruction, further confusing the authorities.  The terrorists attacked during the overnight shift so the loss of life was at a minimum, several bodies were found blown up.  The Spokesperson commented that the main objective appeared to be the total destruction of the Treatment Center.  If you have any information about this please contact XXXXX-5555.