Ahroun Gifts are focused on combat and battle planning.

Basic GiftsEdit

Falling Touch
When not in combat, the ST will tell targets when to stand up

Each comrade gains the effects of this Gift, they do not have to be in arm's reach, though the Gift user still does not benefit
All beneficiaries are up 1 Willpower, nothing else happens
Beneficiaries may exceed their cap via this Gift

Sense Silver
This Gift is always active, and alerts you to the presence of nearby silver weapons.
You may spend a Gnosis to learn their locations.

Spirit of the Fray
Those that possess this Gift may pre-empt those without another power that allows a pre-empt (Spirit of the Fray, Celerity, etc.)
You may spend a Gnosis trait to go first, regardless of rank or initiative

True Fear
Activation is a normal Willpower Challenge against the target, retest Intimidation
Target is cowed for a number of turns equal to half your Permanent Willpower

Intermediate GiftsEdit

Clenched Jaw
Damage incurred by a victim that breaks free is normal damage
Use of this Gift does not count as a grapple, as it deals damage

Heart of Fury
Spend a Willpower Trait to ignore Frenzy for the scene
You may not activate this Gift in lieu of a Frenzy Challenge

Stoking Fury's Furnace
FIXME - Should you gain a Rage per damage source, or per turn with damage?