Basic GiftsEdit

Blissful Ignorance
As the Ragabash Gift

Substance must fit in a small pot
Activation is free, unless substance is a "virulent toxin," in which case it costs 1 Gnosis
This Gift does not work on Wyrm Toxins

Activation is Static, your Social Traits against the Spirit's Gnosis Traits

Intermediate GiftsEdit

Spend one additional Gnosis per yes/no question you wish to ask about a given area
Supernatural enclaves do not count as homes

Friend in Need
Activation is spending a Willpower, followed by a static Willpower Challenge, difficulty equal to the target's Willpower, retest Empathy

Reshape Object
As the Homid Gift

Advanced GiftsEdit

Spending the second Gnosis grants 3 Resilient Traits specifically