Basic GiftsEdit

Spend 1-5 Gnosis, before the Activation Challenge, and before any declaration of how much Rage the target has
The target loses 1 Rage for every Gnosis you spent

Luna's Armor
You always gain Health Levels equal to your Rank
Health Levels from this Gift last for the session or until they are lost to damage

Mother's Touch
As the Theurge Gift

Intermediate GiftsEdit

Beast Life
As the Lupus Gift, additional flavor as per book

Retest Empathy

Spirit Friend
Activation is against the most powerful Spirit in the scene
Spend Willpower for extra Traits, not Mental Traits
Spirit Friend does not work on hostile spirits

Strike the Air
The use of this gift can be run through an ST to prevent possible metagaming

Advanced GiftsEdit

The Living Wood
Spend Gnosis to animate one tree per Gnosis
Trees have Physical Traits equal to your Permanent Physical Traits and take steps per round equal to your Permanent Dexterity Traits