The following details the disciplinary procedure for the Dark Eclipse chronicle. The list of offenses below is comprehensive but not exhaustive. All zero tolerance offenses will result in three immediate strikes. Strikes will be erased at a rate of one per six months. A player that is permanently banned does not enjoy strike erasure.

Disciplinary Procedure:

  1. Strike 1 – Verbal Warning.
  2. Strike 2 – 3 month suspension and loss of character.
  3. Strike 3 – Permanent ban from Dark Eclipse, and loss of character.


  • Sexual harassment (zero tolerance)
  • Assault and/or battery (zero tolerance)
  • Drugs and/or alcohol possession (zero tolerance)
  • Violation of state and/or federal law while on game site (zero tolerance)
  • Violation of TGN bylaws or administrative policies
  • Avoiding game to avoid IC consequences
  • Violation of the Rules Thou Shall Never Break
  • Magic penciling
  • Intentional and blatant metagaming
  • Lying whether by deed, word or omission to staff
  • Other miscellaneous cheating
  • Mommy/Daddyin’ the STs
  • Excessive rules lawyering during play (make your point once, then accept the given ruling)
  • Inappropriate list behavior
  • Running scenes in person or email with chops without a ST present
  • Privately emailing or otherwise messaging non-DE, TGN member STs, TMs, officers or players, without notifying DE staff, including a copy of any communication.
  • Verbal harassment and/or bullying