Basic GiftsEdit

Faerie Light
You may create the light anywhere in line of sight and move it at up to 10 feet per turn
The light lasts 1 turn per Permanent Mental Trait you possess

Faerie Light
This Gift lasts 1 turn per Permanent Social Trait you possess

Howl of the Banshee
Spend one Gnosis and make a Social Challenge (retest with Intimidation) against every one with in 50ft radius, or further at storyteller discretion
Targets Retest with Expression

As the Homid Gift

Intermediate GiftsEdit

Balor's Gaze
If successful, any target that you gaze on must make a Willpower Challenge against you, retest with Occult, to avoid crippling pain
Targets suffer Wounded Wound Penalties
If a target is Wounded already, this Gift will Incapacitate them
If a target has an effect that negates wound penalties, that target suffers a three Trait penalty on all Challenges

An ST-approved reason is required to make a test to see through the illusion

Reshape Object
As the Homid Gift

Advanced GiftsEdit

Call the Hunt
The Huntsman will only hunt you if the target is not worthy of his attention

Gift of the Spriggan
You may grow to a maximum of 4 times your normal size or shrink to a minimum of 1/4 your normal size
If you grow, activation of this Gift gives one of the following:

  • At least 2 times your normal size: 3 Brawny, 1 Healthy Health Level, 1 extra level of damage
  • At least 3 times your normal size: 6 Brawny, 2 Healthy Health Level, 1 extra level of damage
  • At least 4 times your normal size: 10 Brawny, 3 Healthy Health Level, 2 extra levels of damage

If you opt to shrink, you gain a 1-Trait per 25% shrunk bonus on stealth related Challenges; you also do one less Damage regardless of how small you shrink