Galliard Gifts are focused on storytelling and helping fellow Garou in battle.

Basic GiftsEdit

Call of the Wyld
You may activate this Gift for communication for free
If you also spend a Gnosis, you give enemies -1 trait, and allies +1, for the scene
Repeated uses of this Gift do not stack, even if used by different casters

Call of the Wyrm
Activation is a normal Social Challenge against the Wyrm creature
Spend a Gnosis to make the Wyrm creature believe the urge to attack is its own idea

The target always suffers a 3-Trait penalty when this Gift is used successfully

Retest Expression against unwilling participants
Linked beings may not use supernatural powers against each other through the mind-link
All mind-link participants are down 2 Traits on all Challenges
A participant may spend 1 Willpower to end his/her own participation in the link
Entering Frenzy breaks the link for the frenzyer

Intermediate GiftsEdit

Bridge Walker
Use of this Gift to teleport behind a foe grants you a 2-Trait bonus on an immediately delivered attack
The speed and direction you exit a moonbridge are the same as you entered with.

Eyes of the Cobra
A victim suffering damage breaks this Gift's effect A victim must be able to see your eyes for this Gift to work

Shadows by the Firelight
For unwilling victims, make a mass Social Challenge against the group
You may only affect a number of targets equal to your permanent Gnosis rating
You must maintain total concentration for the duration of this Gift
When using this Gift for storytelling purposes, 1 Gnosis is sufficient for the Gift to remain active for the scene

View the Battlefield
The Galliard can then see the entire battle from above (and can look through ceilings or other cover to see the combatants)
With this gift you get general impressions of the battlefield
This Gift lasts for turns equal to your Permanent Alertness
You see the entire battlefield, but may only activate this Gift once combat has begun

Advanced GiftsEdit

Fabric of the Mind
When activating this Gift, declare a number of Traits that you wish to be used on this Gift
Make a series of Mental Challenges, one per Round; you may risk 1-5 Mental Traits on each one
You must maintain complete concentration for the duration of these Challenges
Each Challenge is static against 12 Traits
If you fail to accumulate the declared number of Traits, make two Simple Tests with the consequences detailed in Laws of the Wild