Basic GiftsEdit

Halt the Coward's Flight
Per the flavor, movement penalties only apply to FLEEING targets of this Gift

Snarl of the Predator
This Gift always causes a 2-Trait penalty on all challenges

Visage of Fenris
To affect Garou of higher Rank, spend 1 Rage per Rank of difference

Intermediate GiftsEdit

Hero's Stand
Activation only costs 1 Willpower
The Garou using this gift cannot be the target of physical challenges from outside melee range

Might of Thor
When determining Traits for this Gift, use the CURRENT Total, including Traits from Form Spend 1 Rage, Gnosis, AND WILLPOWER to activate
This Gift always lasts 5 rounds

Scream of Gaia
Activation costs 1 Rage and 1 Gnosis
Each extra Rage or Gnosis spent increases damage by 1, for a total limit of 6 damage
This gift does not cross the gauntlet and does not go through barriers (ST discretion what constitutes a barrier)

Venom Blood
Activation only costs 1 Rage
Mundane weapons dissolve and fetishes are angered and possibly damaged by your blood
While you may coat your own claws, anyone else who attempts to do so will take aggravated damage and gain no benefit

Advanced GiftsEdit

Fenris' Bite
Activation only costs 1 Rage
All victims gain the negative Traits Clumsy and Lame
If both arms are severed, the target cannot attack
If one leg in a bipedal form or 2 in quadruped form are severed, target cannot move