Basic GiftsEdit

Control Simple Machine
Only a Willpower is required for this Gift; you do not need to challenge the Spirit

Storyteller discretion of the sense is based on character’s scientific knowledge

Activation only requires a Gnosis
This Gift always gives a 1-Trait bonus

Power Surge
Spend Gnosis according to the target area:

  • 1 Gnosis to black out a home or floor of an office building
  • 2 Gnosis to black out a block of homes or entire large skyscraper
  • 3 Gnosis to black out several blocks or even an entire neighborhood

Intermediate GiftsEdit

As the Bone Gnawer Gift

Control Complex Machine
As the Glass Walker Gift Control Simple Machine, except it works on more complex machines, including electronic equipment, and that you may only have 1 complex machine under your control at a time.

Activation is a Static Social against your target's Socials
The effects of this Gift always last 1 day

Elemental Favor
Activation is a Static Gnostic challenge against the Spirit's Gnosis

Advanced GiftsEdit

Summon Net-Spider
Activation requires only 1 Gnosis