Basic GiftsEdit

Spend 1 or 2 Gnosis to activate. All devices at or above the complexity on the following chart are disabled, always for 1 minute:

  • 1 Gnosis: Electronics(computers, telephones, etc.) and mechanical devices(cars, guns, etc.)
  • 2 Gnosis: Simple tools (knives, levels, pulleys, etc.)

Activated Fetishes are not affected by this Gift

Social Traits last for the scene or hour
You may also spend a Gnosis for a single Social Retest

Retest with Intimidation
This Gift is effective for one minute unless broken, and you may not spend Mental Traits to extend it
Targets may spend a Willpower to resist flight for one turn

Intermediate GiftsEdit

Retest with Empathy
Target down 1 Trait on ALL Challenges

Reshape Object
You must spend 5 minutes crafting the object
Objects stay reshaped for the scene but you may spend a Permanent Gnosis to make the effects permanent.
You may spend 1-3 Gnosis on this Gift:

  • Making a broken tree branch into a spear costs 1 Gnosis
  • Making a single plank into a raft that can carry three costs 2 Gnosis
  • Making a blade of grass into a lean-to that can resist hurricane winds costs 3 Gnosis

You may spend an extra Gnosis to make weapons inflict aggravated damage

Spirit Ward
Spend Gnosis to activate this Gift
Spirits are down 2 Traits per Gnosis spent
Spirits of Avatar Level or above are immune to this Gift

Advanced GiftsEdit

This Gift costs Willpower to activate:

  • Infiltrating another Sept costs 1 Willpower
  • Passing as a member of a Black Spiral Hive on another continent costs 3 Willpower
  • After the initial expenditure, you must spend 1 Willpower per day to maintain the Gift. The Rule of 5 does not limit the number of Willpower you may spend in this way.