Basic GiftsEdit

Hare's Leap
Spend 1 Athletics Ability to activate
You jump up to 12 Steps
This counts as your movement Action in Combat
You may take a combat action after your leap if you leap 6 steps or less
When not in combat, no expenditure is required, and distance is at ST discretion

Scent of Sight
This Gift can be activated at will
When negating darkness penalties in combat, make a Static Mental Challenge against your opponent's Mental Trait total, retest Primal Urge

Sense Prey
No expenditure is required for this Gift

Sense the Unnatural
Activation is a normal Mental Challenge against the target, retest Enigmas
You may spend 1 Gnosis to recieve a signature impression which can then be compared to future readings from this Gift, without requiring the Gnosis be spent on the future Challenge
If a second Challenge is required for unfamiliar impressions, it has a difficulty of the target's Mental Traits, retest Occult

Intermediate GiftsEdit

Beast Life
Only 1 Gnosis is required to activate this Gift
Each additional Gnosis you spend extends the calling radius by 10 miles, if you use that function, or keeps the Gift active for an additional scene

Only spend up to 3 Willpower to use this Gift:

  • 1 Willpower: Gnawing through wood
  • 1 Willpower: Increase damage by 1 on your next successful bite attack
  • 2 Willpower: Steel cables
  • 3 Willpower: Titanium doors

Name the Spirit
After spending a Willpower, activation is a normal Mental Challenge against the spirit, retest Occult
To use this Gift across the Gauntlet, you must have a way of sensing across it

Advanced GiftsEdit

Song of the Great Beast
To increase the odds of a favorable response, spend a Gnosis rather than Social Traits