Basic GiftsEdit

This Gift only requires Rage:

  • Loose mud costs 1 Rage
  • Solid rock costs 3 Rage
  • Strong metals and reinforced structures cannot be burrowed with this Gift

Burrow speed is 1 yard per turn, plus 1 yard per turn per extra Rage spent
The amount of Rage you may spend is limited by the book, not the Rule of 5

Create Element
Difficulty is the local Gauntlet rating, retest Occult
You cannot create elements inside other beings
Using fire as an attack requires winning a Physical Challenge against the target, retest Occult
Fire inflicts 1 Aggravated Damage per Gnosis spent, to a maximum of 3
You may only create a maximum of either 50 pounds or 10 pounds per Temporary Gnosis you possess, whichever is lesser, of other elements

Curse of Hatred
Activation is against your target, retest Expression

Sense Wyrm
To tell if an area is tainted, only a Simple Test is required, retest Occult
To tell if an individual is tainted, you must win a STATIC mental test against the target's Mental Trait total, retest Occult

Intermediate GiftsEdit

Eyes of the Cat
You suffer no penalties from darkness of any kind

Gift of the Porcupine
Anyone who strikes you with bare flesh suffers damage as if he'd struck himself excluding damage from mystical energies (Kiss of Helios, Warp Spasm etc.)

Mental Speech
Retest Empathy

Wither Limb
Activation is a normal Willpower Challenge against your target, retest Occult
Targets are down 2 Traits on all Physical Challenges

Advanced GiftsEdit

Activation is a normal Social Challenge against the target, retest Intimidation
Target suffers from the Derangement Schizophrenia, in addition to any other Derangements, for one day
As a minimum, target is down one Trait on ALL Challenges

Totem Gift
Simply spend Gnosis to activate this Gift. The amount spent determines the effectiveness of the Gift, from a minor manifestation at 1 Gnosis to a veritable tide of elemental fury at 5.