Philodox Gifts are focused on investigation and mediation.

Basic GiftsEdit

Call to Duty
Activation is a normal Social Challenge against the Spirit
Does not work against hostile Spirits; attempting to use this Gift on hostile spirits will provoke a response at the discretion of the ST

King of the Beasts
Challenge is a standard Social Challenge against the target animal

Scent of the True Form
To detect other sorts of creatures, make a Static Mental Challenge (retest with Primal-Urge) with a difficulty of the target’s Mental traits

Strength of Purpose
Make an extended Physical Challenge, retest Rituals, against 10 Traits. Regain 1 Willpower per success, up to your maximum.

Truth of Gaia
Activation is a Mental Challenge against the target (you retest with Empathy, the target with Subterfuge)

Intermediate GiftsEdit

Scent of Beyond
You may only see places in the material world or Penumbra
Activation is Gnostic against the Gauntlet of either your current location or the target location, whichever is higher
While this Gift is active, the user can be surprised

Weak Arm
Challenge is against the Target
Success on this Challenge gives a 3-Trait bonus; you cannot spend extra Traits

Wisdom of the Ancient Ways
Retest Primal Urge
Spend 1 Gnosis to make the knowledge detailed and specific

Advanced GiftsEdit

Activation is a normal Social Challenge against the target
To target a group or family, Challenge the member with the highest Social Traits
The compulsion lasts until the assigned task is completed, or the target RAGE HEALS in pursuit of the quest

Wall of Granite
The wall has Damage Reduction 10 vs. Bashing and Lethal Damage
The wall has 15 health levels of damage, and crumbles to dust once it loses all its health levels