Basic GiftsEdit

Sense of the Prey
As the Ragabash Gift

Wolf at the Door
Victims of this Gift are always affected for 1 day
To leave home, victim's Static Willpower Challenge is always against the Gift user's Gnosis

Intermediate GiftsEdit

Elemental Favor
As the Glass Walker Gift, except that the Red Talon version is taught by natural elementals and affects one of the four classic elements: earth, air, fire or water

Trackless Wastes
Activation only requires 1 Gnosis
The Gift functions on an area 2 miles in radius, plus an additional 2 miles per extra Gnosis spent.

Activation only requires 1 Gnosis
Radius of the quicksand is 10 feet, plus 10 extra feet per extra Gnosis spent

Advanced GiftsEdit

Gaia's Vengeance
Activation Challenge is Gnostic against the Gauntlet