Basic GiftsEdit

Aura of Confidence
This Gift can be turned on and off at will
You win ties on non-supernatural challenges to read your emotional state, probe your thoughts, or read your intentions
You receive a two trait bonus against supernatural methods of the above

Clap of Thunder
Everyone within 10 feet must succeed in a STATIC Willpower Challenge (retest Occult) against the caster’s Willpower to avoid the Gift's effects

Fatal Flaw
Spend Gnosis for extra effects:

  • 1 Gnosis for an additional weakness, which does not provide a damage bonus
  • 2 Gnosis for a fairly complete inventory of the target's combat weaknesses

Luna's Armor
As the Children of Gaia Gift

Seizing the Edge
Traits from this Gift do not count towards an Overbid

Intermediate GiftsEdit

Direct the Storm
Activation Challenge is a Static Willpower against the Target's Willpower, Retest Primal Urge

Open Wounds
Activation only requires 1-5 Gnosis and a successful attack
Target suffers 1 extra Lethal damage per turn for a number of turns equal to the total number of Gnosis spent

Paralyzing Stare
Spend extra Rage for additional turns of paralysis

Strength of the Dominator
Activation is a normal Social Challenge against the target, Retest Intimidation

Advanced GiftsEdit

Activation only requiers Gnosis:
Anyone in the vicinity must make a Willpower Challenge against the caster to avoid the compulsion to obey

Shadow Pack
Summoned wolves cannot use ANY tempers