Spirits are a major part of Garou society. They teach Gifts and power Rites, as well as aid Garou in combat and information gathering. As mortals and Kinfolk live in the material world, Spirits live in the Umbra. Being half Spirit, Garou may enter the Umbra to interact with Spirits directly. Conversely, Spirits may manifest on the mortal plane in special circumstances. While Garou and Spirits have a mostly peaceful relationship, Spirits are not actually bound by any rules of Garou society, and are susceptible to Wyrm corruption.

ST Note: It is the opinion of the staff that spirits as a whole are out of balance with both their role and the game system. Their abilities are either to powerful to be used or too weak to matter. The idea of real spirits as opponents is almost laughable by the book rules.


Every Spirit has a Spirit rank (Engling=1, Gaffling=2, Jaggling=3, Avatar=4, Incarna=5), and a Permanent rating in each of Rage, Gnosis, and Willpower. Spirits also have a Permanent Essence rating, which starts out equal to twice the total of its Permanent Rage, Gnosis, and Willpower. When building the spirit, Essence is considered a Temper, and additional dots of it can be bought.

If a Spirit opts to deal damage directly, as with a physical attack and not a Charm, it deals ½ of its Permanent Rage in Damage. Every point of any type of damage dealt to a Spirit reduces its Temporary Essence by one, and a Spirit may retest any challenge appropriate to the type of Spirit by spending Essence. Note that there is no restriction on how many Essence Retests may be used in a single Challenge. Players should not worry too much, however, as an Essence Retest essentially costs a Health Level.

Spirits also have Physical, Social, and Mental Traits. The Permanent levels of each are determined by a Spirit's Permanent Rage, Gnosis, Willpower, and Rank (see table). Spirits do not lose traits when they lose challenges if they are in the Umbra, and Rank 5 Spirits win all challenges.

Spirit Traits
Rank(A) Rage(R) / Gnosis(G) / Will(W) Physical Social Mental Essence
Given (1-5) Given (1-10) A x (R+W) A x (R+G) A x (G+W) 2 x (R+G+W)


All charms require a contested challenge against animate targets.

  • Blast: Deals Agravated Damage equal to 1/3 of the Spirit's Permanent Rage, rounded to the nearest whole number.
  • Updraft: The affected being can take no actions while suspended.
  • Tracking: Works as the Ragabash Gift Sense Prey.