Theurge Gifts are focused on spiritual matters, including spirits, Rites, and Fetishes/Talens.

Basic GiftsEdit

Command Spirit
Activation is against Spirit's Social Traits (see Spirits)

Mother's Touch
To heal non-Garou, you must win a Static Mental Challenge against 8 Traits, retest Medicine

Sense Wyrm
As the Metis Gift

Intermediate GiftsEdit

All uses of this Gift require line of sight
Challenge is a normal Willpower Challenge against the spirit, retest Intimidation
To break bindings, first you must win a static Willpower Challenge, retest Subterfuge, against twice the Rank of the binder
If the spirit of the fetish is pleased, it reforms back in its housing at the end of the scene

Pulse of the Invisible
Spend 1 Gnosis to activate this Gift if the Gauntlet is above your Permanent Gnosis

Spirit Drain
Activation is against the Spirit, not Static, retest Occult
Drain 2 Essence from the Spirit

Advanced GiftsEdit

Feral Lobotomy
Activation Challenge is a regular Mental Challenge against the target, retest Empathy

The Malleable Spirit
You male 3 types of changes to a spirit's nature:

  • Disposition
    • Requires a normal Gnostic Challenge against the spirit, no ability retest
    • You may change the spirit's disposition to friendly, neutral, or hostile
  • Traits
    • Requires an extended Gnostic Challenge against the spirit, retest Occult
    • Each success allows you to add or subtract one Rage, Gnosis, or Willpower to/from the spirit's Permanent ratings
  • Nature
    • Requires a normal Gnostic Challenge against the Spirit, no retest
    • The spirit gets a free retest on this Challenge
    • Possible types you may convert to include Naturae, Elemental, Bane, etc.