Black FuriesEdit

Hailing from ancient Greece and undoubtedly responsible for that land's legendary Amazons and Maenads, the Black Furies tribe consists almost entirely of female Garou.
Tribal Totem:Pegasus
Advantage: Black Furies can recover one Willpower Trait per day spent at a site holy to Gaia. They may also trade Willpower with other Black Furies (and sometimes with other worshipers of Pegasus.)
Drawback: The Black Furies are more likely to frenzy when angered by men than they are by women (or even by sexless spirits). They must expend an additional Willpower Trait to avoid frenzy when angered by men. This Drawback does not impact a Fury’s day-to-day interactions with men; it only affects them when frenzy is a danger. In fact, the Tribe will not allow a man to join the tribe, unless he is a metis.
Backgrounds: No restrictions.
House Rules: May also exchange Willpower with packmates
Wolf form: In Crinos, Hispo and Lupus forms, a Black Fury’s fur is black or a very deep gray; some exhibit white, gray or silver highlights.

Bone GnawersEdit

Their ability to survive the worst defines them and the streets and alleys give them a home.
Tribal Totem:Rat
Advantage: The Bone Gnawers are consummate survivors and spies. Once per session, they may gain an Influence Trait at a rate of one per Rank for the purposes of gathering information. These Influences are not necessarily people, but reflect the Bone Gnawers knack of “knowing where to look.”
Drawback: The Bone Gnawers face considerable scorn from the rest of Garou society as they are on the bottom of the totem pole. They face a one Trait penalty in all Social Challenges with other Garou.
Backgrounds: Lacking respectable upbringing and history, the Bone Gnawers are forbidden to select Ancestors, Pure Breed or Resources.
House Rules: None
Wolf form: Bone Gnawers are mangy mutts; their coals usually exhibit the marks of their mixed background, showing two or three patterns and colors. They are often flea-bitten; small Bone Gnawers may try to pass themselves off as (big) stray dogs, but it is hard to conceal their lupine heritage.

Children of GaiaEdit

The furthest from the Warrior-race concept of the Garou, these peace-lovers fight for unity among the tribes.
Tribal Totem:Unicorn
Advantage: The Children of Gaia are exceptionally skilled at bringing two sides of a conflict together and making them see the ways in which they do fundamentally agree. Each Child of Gaia starts with two additional Social Traits. (They may go over their Trait maximums with this Advantage).
Drawback: The Children of Gaia never participated in the Impergium to the extent that the other tribes did, and as a result, homids do not suffer the Delirium as seriously from the Children as they do from the other tribes. Humans are treated as though they had three extra Willpower Traits for the purposes of their reaction to the Delirium when faced by one or more Children of Gaia. Note that the presence of Children of Gaia does not dampen homids' reactions to the Delirium if other Garou are rampaging in clear sight.
Backgrounds: No restrictions.
House Rules: None
Wolf form: Children of Gaia are shaded mostly with gray or brown, with a dappling of white, Lupus-form Children do not loom menacingly in the way that other tribes do; they instead give off an aura of calm and safety.


The legendary Celtic warriors of old, these lovers of drink and song fight with the passion of the Celts. They are the High Tribe devoted to lorekeeping.
Tribal Totem:Stag
Advantage: The Fianna history is one of bards and brawls. As a result of this illustrious history, they may begin play with two Traits in any combination of the following Abilities: Brawl, Expression, Melee, and Performance.
Drawback: Fianna do not add their Rank to their Willpower when determining ties on frenzy challenges.
Backgrounds: No restrictions.
House Rules: Fianna do not lose ties on Frenzy tests, but do not add their Rank on ties either
Wolf form: When in Lupus, the Fianna are terrifying to unprepared homids: They seem to be the dire wolves of old, with shining red or black fur. Their howls can rend the heart for their beauty and sadness.

Get of Fenris (aka Fenrir)Edit

Hardened warriors from Northern Europe, the Fenrir despise weakness in all its forms.
Tribal Totem:Fenris Wolf
Advantage: The youthful training and Rite of Passage of the Get of Fenris are hard enough on a young Garou that they either kill him or make him stronger. Those that survive that upbringing gain one extra Healthy health level
Drawback: The Get of Fenris honor strength in all forms, and they despise weakness. This attitude is so ingrained that they will show open contempt, even to the point of violence, against those who exhibit a particular weakness. Get characters must choose a weakness against which they rail, and succeed in a Static Willpower Test to avoid taking action against it when faced with it. Some targets of Fenrir rage include: Cowardice, Compromise, Lower Animals, Peaceniks, Physical Frailty, and Weaver-things.
Backgrounds: The Get of Fenris may not purchase the Contacts Background, and although he may purchase Mentor, the Mentor will only advise, never protect; the Get must be able to fight on his own or die.
House Rules: None
Wolf form: The lupine forms of the Get of Fenris resemble the savage wolves of the Far North from ancient times. They are gray and muscular, with cunning eyes and powerful jaws. Some few have dark patches in their fur, but those are often regarded with contempt by the rest of the tribe as lacking in pure blood.


The city-dwellers of the Garou, Glasswalkers fight the Wyrm with the tools of the Weaver and the trappings of human society.
Tribal Totem:Cockroach
Advantage: Glass Walkers have always been well-connected within human society. They begin play with a free Influence Trait, and may buy more at a cost of one for one (not to exceed the cap). Furthermore, they may begin play with two Traits in any combination of the following Abilities: Computer, Craft, Repair, Science.
Drawback: The Glass Walkers are so tied to the Weaver and her works that they lose Gnosis in the deep wilderness. Glass Walkers are down one Gnosis trait whenever outside of their urban environment.
Backgrounds: The Glass Walkers lack ties to their ancient past: They cannot choose the Ancestors, Pure Breed or Mentor Backgrounds.
House Rules: None
Wolf form: Having degenerated from ancient lupine majesty, the Glass Walkers are smaller and weaker than most other Garou when in wolf form. Their fur is often mottled, as befits their mixed heritage. Many Glass Walkers shave or dye their Crinos-form fur in accordance with similar modifications they make to themselves in homid form.

Red TalonsEdit

Red Talons are the epitome of rage at human society's destruction of the wilds. A tribe with long memories for lore, most members believe humans should be culled or exterminated.
Tribal Totem:Griffin
Advantage: As the manifestation of Gaia's anger, the Red Talons gain an additional free Rage Trait at character generation and have a maximum Rage one higher than members of other tribes do. (They may go over their Trait maximums with this Advantage.)
Drawback: The Red Talons embrace the Wyld so strongly that they lose Gnosis when they are distant from its touch. Red Talons are down one Gnosis whenever outside their wild environment. The tribe's anger at humanity and strong traditions also precludes them from accepting any Garou that is not Lupus.
Backgrounds: Given their affinity for the Wyld and their lupine brethren, the Red Talons may not take Allies, Contacts or Resources. Their only Kinfolk are wolves.
House Rules: None
Wolf form: The Red Talon's lupus form is her natural one, and she is most comfortable wearing it. They are larger even than full-blooded wolves, with powerful jaws and broad haunches. Their fur is usually a reddish-brown, but they retain a single lock of blood-red fur somewhere on their bodies; this is seen as a mark of Gaia's favor by the Talons (and a mark of Her disfavor by some other Garou).

Shadow LordsEdit

As their name implies, Shadow Lords are a dark, brooding people, wont to strike from the shadows and use manipulation to fight the Wyrm. They are a high tribe, and the Beta Tribe.
Tribal Totem:Grandfather Thunder
Advantage: A Shadow Lord can socially outmaneuver his opponents with blinding skill. By spending one Gnosis Trait, the Lord can temporarily gain an amount of Social Traits equal to his Rank. This extra amount can be used for a single Social Challenge per session. Purebreed has no bearing on the use of this advantage.
Drawback: The Shadow Lords are arrogant to extremes, and this is reflected in the tribe's attitude toward failure. A Lord who fails in her assigned tasks is scorned and reviled; she loses an additional Renown Trait when she fails a task (or, if that failure would still earn positive Renown, she earns one fewer Renown Trait). If she would gain or lose Renown in more than one category, she loses it from the category which would have earned her the most Renown had she succeeded.
Backgrounds: Shadow Lords are too proud to take the Allies or Mentor Backgrounds.
House Rules: Tribal Advantage works regardless of Pure Breed
Wolf form: A lupus-form Shadow Lord retains his hauteur and arrogance. The Lord is typically black-furred and broad-shouldered with an air of smoldering menace about him. Most spend rime as Lupus during bleak, rainy days.

Silent StridersEdit

Originally from Egypt, this Silent Striders are wanderers and messengers. One of the more mysterious tribes, they are rumored to treat with ghosts and Fae.
Tribal Totem:Owl
Advantage: Once per session, a Silent Strider can “back up” one action (I had a bad feeling about doing that), somehow manage to have a common item in his possession at the right moment (I had a feeling we might need a bag of salt today) or restart a challenge sequence that he did not initiate (O.K., this time I do not walk down the alley, and into the ambush. I stop and tell everyone I have a bad feeling about it.). In other words, a Silent Strider gets little “spooky” feelings after something bad happens in-game and can back up the scene one step to avoid taking an action, or to have remembered to pick up something that becomes instrumental to the success of the scene (Storyteller discretion). An important use of this capacity allows a Silent Strider to negate a combat situation that he did not initiate before it starts in order to prevent it or make it come out differently. If the Strider initiated the challenge, he can only back up events to right after the initial challenge, because of a hunch he had about the first outcome. No information is retained about “events that did not happen” thanks to the use of this Advantage.
Drawback: Silent Striders tend to attract the attention of ghosts, due to an ancient curse levied upon the tribe. At the Narrator's discretion, if a Silent Strider loses his challenge to step sideways, he may attract the attention of the Restless Dead. A ghost will attach itself to him, making his life considerably more difficult (see “Wraiths”, pg. 264) until such time as the Strider completes a task on the ghost's behalf. This Drawback functions as per the Flaw: Haunted.
Backgrounds: As wanderers cut off from the lands of the dead, the Silent Striders are forbidden the Ancestors and Resources Backgrounds.
House Rules: FIXME
Wolf form: The Silent Striders have the look of the jackal about them, lean and muscular. They have black coats and yellow eyes, appearing as though they just sprang from the hieroglyphs on a tomb's wall.

Silver FangsEdit

The Silver Fang tribe is the highest of the high tribes. It is the royalty leadership of the Garou, hailing from noble European families, especially Russian.
Tribal Totem:Falcon
Advantage: The Silver Fangs have claimed primacy among the Garou since before recorded history. As a result, they may retest any Social Challenge once; the second result must stand.
Drawback: The Silver Fangs have spent so long breeding among their own Kinfolk and controlling even their own Kinfolk's breeding that the tribe has become dangerously inbred. As such they have developed certain eccentricities. A Silver Fang starts play with one of the following derangements: Intellectualization, Manic-Depression, Megalomania, Multiple Personalities, Obsession, Paranoia, Perfection, Regression or Vengeful (for a description of these derangements, see pg.212 of Laws of the wild revised).
Backgrounds: Silver Fangs must spend at least three of their initial Background Traits on Pure Breed; after those are purchased, all Backgrounds are available to them.
House Rules: None
Wolf form: The wolf form of a Silver Fang is suitably, majestic, especially, given the tribe's strong bloodlines. With might’s, jaws and lush tails, they command attention as easily in lupus form as in homid or Crinos. Their fur is usually silver or white.


Tribal Totem:Chimeara
Advantage: ADVANTAGE.
Drawback: DRAWBACK
Backgrounds: BACKGROUNDS
House Rules: HOUSE RULES
Wolf form: WOLF FORM


One of the 2 surviving Pure Land tribes composed of Native Americans, Uktena are mystic shamans and lovers of secret knowledge.
Tribal Totem:Uktena
Advantage: Uktena are so attuned to the hidden ways and spirits that they can peek into the Umbra from the real world using the same rules as peeking out from the Umbra. In addition to this, when peeking, they always see things with vivid clarity without having to spend mental traits.
Drawback: The Uktena have always been harvesters of secrets. An Uktena Garou hates to let secrets remain hidden away from her (though she is perfectly good at hiding them once she's gotten them). Once the character learns that a secret lies in reach (either another person knows a secret, or the character is faced with a mystery), she will be unable to concentrate until the secret is uncovered. This will result in a one Trait increase to the difficulty of all Static Willpower Tests the character faces, and, at the Narrator's discretion, a similar penalty in Social Tests when not pursuing the secret.
Backgrounds: No restrictions.
House Rules: Permanently gains 1 Permanent Gnosis
Wolf form: The variegated background of the Uktena tribe leaves individuals appearance often unpredictable; most have reddish-black fur and a disturbing habit of staring intently at everything they encounter.


The other surviving Pure Land tribe, the Wendigo chose to fight the Wyrmcomers with all their strength, until recently. They hail from the cold north of North America, where many of the lands are still unspoiled.
Tribal Totem:Wendigo
Advantage: The Wendigo are tied to the movement of Gaia around the sun, and as such, they have different limitations and advantages at different times of the year. They call this the Wheel of Seasons.
  • In Spring, as life expands and grows, a Wendigo suffers a one-Trait penalty to all Willpower Tests but gains the Physical Trait Energetic.
  • In Summer, the season of war, she faces a one-Trait penalty to resist frenzy but gains the Social Trait Charismatic.
  • In Autumn, as the world slows, he faces a one. Trait penalty to the difficulty of Static Tests to change form bur gains the Mental Trait Reflective.
  • In Winter, the Wendigo's favored season, she gains two extra Stamina-related Physical Traits: Tenacious and Rugged but must take one of the following Negative Traits: Callous(S), Dull(S) or Witless(M).
Drawback: See Advantage.
Backgrounds: Wendigo may not purchase Contacts or Resources.
House Rules: None
Wolf form: Wendigo in lupus form resemble enormous gray timber wolves; they fade out of sight in winters across northern North America.