Basic GiftsEdit

The radius of this Gift is always 10 feet

All those inside the effect suffer a 2 Trait penalty to all actions while inside and can have the Darkness retest used against them
Spend Gnosis, not Mental Traits, to increase the covered area

Spirit of the Fish
This Gift lasts only 1 hour

Intermediate GiftsEdit

Banish Totem
Activation is a normal Gnostic Challenge vs. the pack's combined Totem rating (Max 10)

Call Elemental
Challenge to make the elemental favorable is a normal Social Challenge (see Spirits)

Hand of the Earth Lords
If you are attempting to control another being, make a Physical Challenge against your target to gain control, and another to move the being
Spend extra Gnosis to extend the length of this Gift, at 1 turn per Gnosis

Maximum speed is 1 Step per Round

On mental Challenges to detect you, you Retest with Stealth, they Retest with Alertness
If you must move quickly, you stay invisible, but suffer a three-Trait penalty to be detected FIXME - is this in addition to losing the 3-Trait bonus, or does it just cancel that bonus?
Invisibility ends if you do something that clearly draws attention: entering combat, slamming doors, etc.

Advanced GiftsEdit

Fabric of the Mind
As the Galliard Gift

Fetish Doll
Once it's complete, make an Extended Mental Challenge (retest with Medicine) against the victim while mutilating or damaging the doll
The reference to soaking is ignored
Damage done by the doll is done to the target's base health levels<br /? If the initial Challenge fails, make 2 Simple Tests. If both fail, the doll is completely destroyed