Basic GiftsEdit

Call the Breeze
Activation costs a Willpower
Targets suffer a 2 Trait penalty to perception challenges and challenges involving attacking
This Gift affects an area 20 feet in diameter
You may target any area in line-of-sight with this Gift
Activation of this gift takes an action
This Gift lasts for the rest of the scene or until dismissed

Camouflage - Rewrite
You blend in with your surroundings, becoming very difficult to see. You receive a three-Trait bonus on all challenges by others attempting to find you. This Gift only works in wilderness. This gift lasts until turned off.

Cutting Wind
You determine the wind's direction, no Challenge required
Make a Physical Challenge against all those hit by the wind; any that lose this Challenge suffer the effects
This Gift may push people for up to 6 Steps
This Gift lasts one turn

Speak with Wind Spirits
Activation is against the Spirit
Spend 1 extra Gnosis to get a precise and focused answer

Intermediate GiftsEdit

Bloody Feast
Activation Challenge is a normal Gnostic Challenge against the target, retest Primal Urge
If your target does not possess Gnosis, test against their Willpower
If successful, you gain 1 extra Tough or Ferocious Physical Trait for every ONE health level of damage the bite inflicts, up to a maximum of five total bonus Traits
This bonus lasts for 1 conflict/minute

Call the Cannibal Spirit
You must make the test for botch after your expenditure

Chill of Early Frost
This Gift always lasts 1 hour

Wisdom of the Ancient Ways
As the Philodox Gift

Advanced GiftsEdit

Heart of Ice
Activation is an extended Mental Challenge against the target; each success deals 1 Aggravated Damage
If you lose a test, no more damage may be inflicted on the target for the rest of the SESSION

Invoke the Spirit of the Storm
Retest to hit a target with a lightning bolt is Occult
Lightning Bolts do 5 Aggravated Damage